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Senior Transportation Services

At Bayport Senior Transportation Services, we're dedicated to offering Age-Friendly Transportation tailored for seniors. Your loved one's safety and comfort during their journeys are our highest priority.


As a Certified Age-Friendly Business, fully insured and committed to the highest standards of care, we understand the importance of patience, kindness, and active listening in servicing seniors. These values are the bedrock of our approach, ensuring we meet every senior's unique needs with the utmost respect and consideration. Our attention to detail and commitment to going the extra mile set us apart.


Beyond transportation to appointments, we provide support with shopping, errands, and offer companionship—always aiming to encourage their active engagement and listening attentively to their stories and needs.


For your peace of mind:


  • Our staff are police-checked, specifically for working with vulnerable sectors.

  • We offer assistance with wheelchairs and walkers, ensuring mobility is never a barrier.

  • Positivity and smiles are a staple of our service. 😊

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19, reflecting our serious stance on health and safety.

To arrange for your transportation needs, or if you're planning for the care of elderly loved ones from afar, Bayport Senior Transportation is here to assist. Special rates are available for regular appointments, including dialysis, chemotherapy, and other recurring treatments.


Get in Touch

For inquiries or to book our services, please call or text 613-794-2777, email, or reach out to us on Twitter. Let us be a part of ensuring a more age-friendly Ottawa.

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