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Senior Transportation Services

Bayport Senior Transportation Services is focused on providing Age Friendly Transportation services for Seniors. I will get your loved one safely to their appointment. 

This is a Certified Age Friendly Business and fully insured. I am kind and gentle and understanding that dealing with seniors requires that kindness, patience and listening. I take it very seriously. Being kind, very patient and understanding of senior’s needs is the foundation of what I do.  Attention to detail and going the extra mile are very important.

If you want, and with your consent, I can attend the appointment, ask questions, and take notes on your behalf, and get that information to you and other family members.

I can also provide shopping and running errands.  Spending time with them, listening and encouraging their engagement.     

Police checked for the vulnerable sector.

Wheelchairs and walkers provided, if needed.

Smiles and a positive attitude always is what I do. 😊

Fully (All 5 doses) Vaccinated against Covid-19 as that is so important.

Call or text at 613-794-2777 or email to arrange your transportation requirements.

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