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Bayport Senior Transportation Services is a Certified Age Friendly, kind and patient, transportation services company for seniors in Ottawa.  Our goal is to make Ottawa a more age friendly city!!

This is a uniquely personal senior transportation service.  This is not driving your buddy to a hockey game. This is not a random Uber for Seniors.  This is getting seniors to their appointments safely, with their needs recognized.  They may move slowly, they may have special needs, they may speak softly.  I need to be kind, gentle and patient, and listen.  I am all of those.  

This is a senior’s care company as much as it is a transportation company.  Their being comfortable is the most important part of the drive.

If you live in another city, or for any reason need to have your elderly parents provided with safe reliable kind transportation of your loved one, Bayport Senior Transportation would be happy to help you out with your needs.


Note: Special Rates provided for regularly scheduled appointments, such as Dialysis, Chemo treatments, etc.  

Dan Mahoney


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